We're the BIGGER THAN US Kindness Project

A fan project inspired by Louis Tomlinson, on a mission to spread kindness in the whole 1D fandom

Our mission

The "BTU" is a fan project, built on the idea that all of us together can be a force. Together we can do good, much bigger than each of us alone. Together, we can build and nourish a fandom community that is loving, supportive and strong. The project was founded and is run by fans of LOUIS TOMLINSON, inspired by his kind heart and the huge love, passion and generosity among his fans. Our mission is to make a positive impact in the whole 1D fandom by spreading KINDNESS, optimism, and FAITH IN THE FUTURE, and to show that TOGETHER WE'RE THE GREATEST.

New: We now provide written notes from our "Concert Tips & Tricks" Twitter Space. Find them in the menu or click here to read them!

 What we do

We help fans help each other

by hosting the Ticket Kindness Project, and providing resources on how to make a positive impact

The project explained (video)

We strengthen the sense of community 

by hosting spaces & game nights, and by being present at concerts

We give a platform

to the immense kindness that's already happening in the fandom, by sharing it on our social channels

We inspire more kindness

towards each other, as well as yourselves, by sharing reminders for acts of kindness and resources for mental health

We spread love beyond the fandom

by raising funds for our focus charity "It Gets Better", who supports mental health in the LGBTQ+ community


What YOU can do

Follow us on socials

to be part of our community, learn about new activities, and benefit from the resources we share



Sign up as a volunteer

we're always looking for fellow fans who'd like to help us spread kindness - online as well as in person, e.g. at concerts. To sign up, send us a dm on socials!